Juliano: I do strongly imagine that layer 2s will get to some extent the place the sequencer is a community, somewhat than only a single operator. And that may make the sequencers way more decentralized, censorship-resistant. However the issue with having a single sequencer on layer 2’s proper now could be, the only sequencers aren’t censorship-resistant, proper? It is identical to, actually a server, and the server can refuse to course of your transactions if it desires to. Like, I am not making an attempt to choose on anybody, like actually all of them are like this, however let’s simply take like Coinbase or Base for example. Coinbase is actually working a server that’s the sequencer for the Base chain. And in the event that they wish to reject your transaction, for no matter purpose, they’ll try this. And, you realize, I feel they’re making an attempt to be as neutral as attainable. And that is superior. However that isn’t completely decentralized, I could say. And simply to show the purpose that I type of perceive many of the arguments at the least, OK, there is a method to get across the censorship-resistance switches. Successfully, you possibly can return to layer 1, and ship a transaction to layer 1 and be like, Oh, Coinbase, you must embrace my transaction now as a result of I went to the layer 1. However that is a horrible product expertise, proper? Like possibly that works for some edge circumstances, or if just like the lower than 1% of the time when, for some random purpose any individual’s being centralized by a sequencer. But when there is a good quantity of alternative for a large quantity of the transactions to be censored on a given sequencer, for no matter purpose, then this might not be one thing that you really want to your community as a lot.

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