If you need your content material to get in entrance of as many individuals as attainable (and isn’t that the entire level of this social media factor?), embracing an Instagram hashtag technique is vital.

Hashtags are a strong instrument for discovery on the photo- and video-sharing app (and, tbh, on all your other favorite social media accounts, too). You might have heard whispers that Instagram is enhancing its keyword-search capability, however these good ol’ humble hashtags stay an extremely efficient approach to attain the audiences you crave… and we dare say, deserve.

Able to degree up your Instagram hashtag sport? You’re in the fitting place. Let’s do that.

What are Instagram hashtags?

A hashtag is a mixture of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by the # image (e.g., #NoFilter). Instagram hashtags are used to categorize or label content material and make it extra discoverable.

foodie hashtags instagram

You’ll be able to add hashtags to the caption of your Instagram put up or Reel, or embrace them in textual content components in your Instagram Story. They’re an effective way to develop your Instagram viewers and get more reach.

For example, for those who’ve posted a photograph of a skunk on a surfboard, you would possibly pair it with the caption “The waves actually stink at present #browsing #surflife #animalssurfing #skunks #wildlifewednesday.”

You may make up your individual hashtag (#skunkswhosurf), or add one which different individuals are already utilizing — like#surflife, which has greater than three million posts.

Anybody who conducts an Instagram hashtag search will see a web page exhibiting all of the posts, Tales and Reels tagged with that hashtag.

crochet hashtag search results

Hashtags are clickable. Anybody who clicks on an Instagram hashtag will view all different posts that use the identical hashtag.

Individuals can even select to observe hashtags, which suggests they’ll see your hashtagged put up of their feed even when they don’t observe you (but!).

curly hairstyles hashtag search results

That being mentioned: we just lately ran an experiment trying particularly on the effectiveness of Instagram SEO vs Hashtags… and let’s simply say the outcomes had been eye-opening.

Take a look at the article or watch the video under to see what we discovered:

Prime Instagram hashtags

These are the preferred Instagram hashtags as of the writing of this text. However bear in mind: the preferred Instagram hashtags aren’t essentially the simplest.

A lot of posts could imply numerous individuals observe that hashtag, nevertheless it additionally means there’s a ton of content material on it and your posts would possibly get misplaced. Think about using a mixture of standard and area of interest hashtags to achieve totally different audiences, from broad to particular.

Prime 50 hashtags on Instagram

  1. #love (2.1B)
  2. #instagood (1.6B)
  3. #trend (1.1B)
  4. #photooftheday (1B)
  5. #pictures (1B)
  6. #artwork (1B)
  7. #lovely (816M)
  8. #nature (771M)
  9. #picoftheday (714M)
  10. #completely happy (693M)
  11. #observe (687M)
  12. #journey (685M)
  13. #cute (660M)
  14. #type (634M)
  15. #instadaily (627M)
  16. #tbt (581M)
  17. #followme (553M)
  18. #summer season (539M)
  19. #magnificence (522M)
  20. #health (514M)
  21. #like4like (514M)
  22. #meals (502M)
  23. #instalike (493M)
  24. #picture (482M)
  25. #selfie (450M)
  26. #buddies (436M)
  27. #music (434M)
  28. #smile (432M)
  29. #household (432M)
  30. life (431M)
  31. #enjoyable (430M)
  32. #woman (424M)
  33. #likeforlikes (385M)
  34. #motivation (344M)
  35. #life-style (338M)
  36. #likeforlike (327M)
  37. #sundown (320M)
  38. #wonderful (286M)
  39. #nofilter (284M)
  40. #instamood (276M)
  41. #solar (269M)
  42. #follow4follow (250M)
  43. #inspiration (235M)
  44. #followforfollow (211M)
  45. #instapic (205M)
  46. #bestoftheday (200M)
  47. #cool (165M)
  48. #swag (144M)
  49. #evening (144M)
  50. #happybirthday (121M)

In style B2B hashtags

  1. #smallbusiness (118M)
  2. #enterprise (107M)
  3. #entrepreneur (97M
  4. #socialmedia (35M)
  5. #digitalmarketing (28M)
  6. #gross sales (20M)
  7. #tech (19M)
  8. #management (18M)
  9. #innovation (13M)
  10. #networking (12M)
  11. #search engine marketing (9.1M)
  12. #contentmarketing (7.3M)
  13. #marketingstrategy (6.9M)
  14. #businesstips (5.8M)
  15. #startups (5.4M)
  16. #productiveness (3.9M)
  17. #technique (3.8M)
  18. #b2b (2.9M)
  19. #consulting (2.9M)
  20. #office (2.3M)
  21. #professionaldevelopment (1.3M)
  22. #leadgeneration (940K)
  23. #b2bmarketing (575K)
  24. #saas (516K)
  25. #thoughtleadership (194K)

In style B2C hashtags

  1. #trend (1B)
  2. #magnificence (522M)
  3. #health (514M)
  4. #discover (468M)
  5. #life-style (338M)
  6. #foodporn (296M)
  7. #foodie (238M)
  8. #instafood (234M)
  9. #instafashion (182M)
  10. #travelgram (171M)
  11. #purchasing (153M)
  12. #homedecor (138M)
  13. #fashionista (134M)
  14. #instatravel (124M)
  15. #sale (95M)
  16. #shoplocal (81M)
  17. #summervibes (58M)
  18. #instabeauty (26M)
  19. #styleinspo (24M)
  20. #low cost (13M)
  21. #instashop (10M)
  22. #healthAndwellness (8M)
  23. #instasale (1.7M)
  24. #productreview (1.2M)
  25. #b2c (387K)

Hashtags for Instagram likes

  1. #love (2.1B)
  2. #instagood (1.6B)
  3. #instagram (1B)
  4. #observe (687M)
  5. #instadaily (627M)
  6. #instalike (493M)
  7. #like (356M)
  8. #explorepage (324M)
  9. #followforfollowback (284M)
  10. #instamood (276M)
  11. #insta (206M)
  12. #fyp (182M)
  13. #instafashion (182M)
  14. #day by day (168M)
  15. #like4likes (142M)
  16. #instalove (135M)
  17. #instaphoto (121M)
  18. #likeforlikes (112M)
  19. #instacool (108M)
  20. #followers (104M)
  21. #comedy (79.5)
  22. #like4follow (73.1M)
  23. #follow4followback (67.5M)
  24. #likeme (42.7)
  25. #likesforlikes (11M)

Canine Instagram hashtags

  1. #canine (363M)
  2. #dogsofinstagram (303M)
  3. #canines (164M)
  4. #instadog (114M)
  5. #doglover (93.7M)
  6. #dogoftheday (82.M)
  7. #ilovemydog (49.6M)
  8. #rescuedog (26.2M)
  9. #doglove (23.4M)
  10. #dogphotography (19.2M)
  11. #dogmom (17.5M)
  12. #dogmodel (10.5M)
  13. #Dogsitting (10.1M)
  14. #Dogofinstagram (9.7M)
  15. #dogtraining (8.4M)
  16. #doglife (6.1M)
  17. #Doggrooming (6.1M)
  18. #Doginstagram (4.1M)
  19. #doginfluencer (1.9M)
  20. #dogboarding (1.7M)
  21. #dogsmile (1.7M)
  22. #Dogselfie (1.7M)
  23. #dogpics (1M)
  24. #doggram (1.5M)
  25. #Dogadventures (1.3M)

Health Instagram hashtags

  1. #health (514M)
  2. #health club (250M)
  3. #exercise (214M)
  4. #well being (162M)
  5. #fitnessmotivation (137M)
  6. #bodybuilding (132M)
  7. #wholesome (119M)
  8. #yoga (116M)
  9. #operating (88.3M)
  10. #physique (63.3M)
  11. #run (59.9M)
  12. #fitnessmodel (59.4M)
  13. #gymmotivation (54.7M)
  14. #cardio (51M)
  15. #fitnessaddict (45.5M)
  16. #fitnessjourney (38.4M)
  17. #getfit (35.3M)
  18. #fitmom (29.1M)
  19. #workoutmotivation (24.8M)
  20. #gymrat (22M)
  21. #fitnesslifestyle (17.4M)
  22. #yogainspiration (16.7M)
  23. #sweat (16.1M)
  24. #strengthtraining (12.3M)
  25. #gymgirl (10.5M)

Artwork hashtags for Instagram

  1. #artwork (1B)
  2. #pictures (1B)
  3. #artist (310M)
  4. #drawing (283M)
  5. #paintings (193M)
  6. #digitalart (135M)
  7. #artistsoninstagram (110M)
  8. #draw (104M)
  9. #instaart (92.8M)
  10. #artoftheday (76.5M)
  11. #contemporaryart (66.6M)
  12. #paint (54.5)
  13. #abstractart (46.8M)
  14. #artgallery (43.6M)
  15. #creative (28.3M)
  16. #artofinstagram (22.9M)
  17. #artcollector (16.9M)
  18. #modernart (15M)
  19. #tattooart (14M)
  20. #urbanart (14M)
  21. #picsart (14M)
  22. #artists (13M)
  23. #artlover (11.1M)
  24. #artdaily (6.7M)
  25. #artjournal (5M)

What number of hashtags ought to I take advantage of on Instagram?

For greatest outcomes, restrict your self to three to five hashtags per Instagram put up (or Story, or Reel).

Technically, you can post up to 30 hashtags… however too many hashtags can look spammy and should even harm your attain.

This recommendation is coming straight from Instagram itself, however if you’d like extra proof that sticking to three to five Instagram hashtags is a good suggestion, we really put this to the take a look at. Our little experiment discovered that, yep, 3 to five Instagram hashtags is the candy spot. (Learn the full, thrilling recap of our Instagram hashtag experiment right here!)

And bear in mind: Instagram’s search instrument additionally analyzes the precise content material of your captions, too… so hashtags aren’t your solely approach to make an impression. Write informative, clear captions full of search phrases and key phrases to make the most of social SEO.

instagram post captions hashtag for SEO

Kinds of standard Instagram hashtags

There are actually no guidelines about what an Instagram hashtag might be, however you may loosely kind hashtags into considered one of these 10 classes:

Services or products hashtags

These are primary key phrases to explain your services or products, like #purse or #divebar

Area of interest hashtags

These get a little bit extra particular, exhibiting the place you slot in the context of your trade, like #travelblogger or #foodblogger

Trade Instagram group hashtags

Communities exist on Instagram, and these hashtags assist you to discover and be part of them. Assume #gardenersofinstagram or #craftersofinstgram

crochet community hashtags

Particular occasion or seasonal hashtags

These can seek advice from actual holidays or seasons, like #summerdays, or they can be utilized for all these Nationwide [Thing] Day holidays, like #nationalicecreamday or #nationalnailpolishday

Location hashtags

Even for those who geo-tag your Instagram put up, it will probably nonetheless be a good suggestion to incorporate a hashtag that refers to your location, like #vancouvercraftbeer or #londoneats

Daily hashtags

Every day has plenty of its own hashtags, from #MondayBlues right through to #SundayFunday. We created a whole list of daily hashtags for you to choose from if you’re looking for an easy source of hashtags to add to your posts.

Relevant phrase hashtags

These hashtags combine elements of product hashtags, niche hashtags, and community hashtags. Basically, they’re phrases people use on Instagram to connect to existing communities in a slightly insider way, like #amwriting or #shewhowanders

Acronym hashtags

Perhaps the best-known acronym hashtag is #TBT for Throwback Thursday. Other popular acronym hashtags include #OOTD for outfit of the day, #FBF for flashback Friday, and #YOLO for you only live once.

Emoji hashtags

These hashtags can include emojis on their own, like #😎, or words or phrases with emojis attached, like #sunglasses😎.

Branded hashtags

These are custom hashtags that relate to your brand or a specific campaign, like #starbucksboy or #slurpeesummer. These can be a great way to encourage community building around your brand, keep track of user-generated content and even encourage employee ambassadorship.

branded hashtags maple syrup on instagram post

Instagram Hashtag FAQs

Do hashtags work on Instagram?

Sure, hashtags work on Instagram.

You’ll be able to tag your posts, Tales or Reels with hashtags. Although Instagram permits a most of 30 hashtags, we’ve discovered that 3 to 5 Instagram hashtags is the real sweet spot.

Methods to add hashtags on Instagram

Add hashtags to your Instagram content material simply as you’d different textual content content material.

If you happen to’re creating a post or a Reel, merely embrace the hashtag in your caption.

If you happen to’re creating an Instagram Story, add a textual content factor in Create mode and simply kind in your most well-liked hashtag.

Methods to cover hashtags on Instagram

To cover a hashtag on an Instagram put up or Reel, simply add it as a remark as an alternative of a caption.

You may additionally need to write the caption, hit the return button a number of occasions, and including a caption just a few strains down. That approach, the hashtags might be hidden except a viewer expands the caption.

If you happen to’re including a hashtag to an Instagram Story, make the textual content factor very, very, very small and transfer it someplace on the picture or video the place it will probably mix in. You may additionally contemplate layering one other visible factor over prime to bury it, like a sticker. (Learn more Instagram Story hacks here.)

Methods to discover trending hashtags on Instagram

In contrast to Twitter, Instagram doesn’t publicize a listing of trending hashtags. (Why you so shy, Insta?!)

Nonetheless, for those who seek for a hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see what number of posts use that hashtag. You’ll additionally see a listing of different standard Instagram hashtags utilizing comparable phrases, with put up counts included too.

To seek for a hashtag on desktop, enter the hashtag together with the # image into the search field. On cell, enter your search time period within the search field, then faucet Tags.

If you happen to’re listening to your Instagram feed, you’ll study to rapidly spot trending hashtags as they emerge. Don’t be too fast to leap on a development, although. Solely put up utilizing a trending hashtag if it actually is smart for your online business, and for the particular content material in your put up.

Methods to create a hashtag on Instagram

Making a hashtag on Instagram couldn’t be simpler: simply kind the hashtag image (#) adopted by a phrase. Carried out! You’ve simply invented a hashtag (and made us extremely proud within the course of).

What number of hashtags are allowed on Instagram?

You should use as much as 30 hashtags on any Instagram picture or video… however we really don’t advocate maxing that out. You’ll look spammy, and should even be punished by the Instagram algorithm.

As an alternative, decide 3 to 5 of your favorite hashtags for greatest outcomes on Instagram.

Methods to block hashtags on Instagram

Whilst you can’t block hashtags which can be posted by accounts you observe, you can create a block to forestall sure hashtags from showing in your prompt content material.

  1. Go to your profile, faucet the three-horizontal-line menu button on the highest proper.
  2. Faucet “settings,” then “prompt content material”.
  3. Faucet “particular phrases and phrases,” after which add the hashtag or key phrases you’d like to cover.

Are you able to add numbers to hashtags on Instagram?

Yep, you may add numbers to hashtags on Instagram… emojis, too! #prettycool2023🤯

Methods to search a number of hashtags on Instagram

The Instagram app itself doesn’t really work nicely for a number of hashtag searches (although due to its improved keyword searchability, you would possibly discover some related outcomes in any case).

For extra correct search outcomes for a number of hashtags on Instagram, head to Google and search “website.instagram.com” adopted by all of the hashtags your coronary heart wishes. It will pull up posts tagged with all the indicated hashtags.

Methods to discover the very best Instagram hashtags for YOUR model

The web is stuffed with Instagram hashtag mills, however the fact is, you’ll get the simplest outcomes for those who do the legwork your self. And which means…

Scoping out your competitors

Clearly you don’t need to be a copycat. However there’s at all times tons to study from watching others in your trade. What’s working for them? What group teams would possibly they be tapping into with their tag technique? What hashtags are they utilizing that you just positively need to keep away from?

Instruments like Brandwatch for Hootsuite are tremendous useful for analyzing opponents and scoping out trade traits.

Spy in your viewers

Okay, perhaps “spy” is a harsh phrase… however how about eavesdropping? In case your desired audience is utilizing sure hashtags as a group identifier or to take part in a dialog, this may very well be an excellent tag so that you can check out, too.

Professional tip: Use social listening tools like Hootsuite streams to keep watch over all of your viewers, your nemesis and trade heroes, all with one handy dashboard.

Let Instagram information you

If you pop a phrase into the Instagram search instrument, you’ll see a bunch of associated search phrases pop up as strategies. These are sometimes related phrases which may rating you a good wider (or extra area of interest!) attain.

For example, you would possibly know instinctively to label your crochet sample put up with #crochet, however Instagram additionally suggests the labels #crochetaddict, #crochetlove, and #crochetersofinstagram — particular, community-oriented hashtags which have hundreds of thousands of posts every.

Make your individual branded hashtag

On Instagram, anybody can create a very distinctive hashtag to advertise a marketing campaign or your model as an entire. In different phrases: the very best hashtag on your model was inside you all alongside!

Let your viewers find out about your hashtag by highlighting it in captions and Tales, and even together with it in your Instagram bio. Promote your branded hashtag with a contest, and accumulate some superior user-generated content alongside the way in which.

Discover the Discover web page

Instagram’s algorithm could also be sliiiiightly mysterious, however these posts all ended up on the Explore page as a result of they had been engaging in some way. Study a little bit one thing by peeping featured posts and making observe of their hashtag selections. If you happen to discover any patterns rising, there’s no hurt in making an attempt to imitate their success.

Use Hootsuite’s AI hashtag strategies

Okay, earlier, we had been dunking on hashtag mills, it’s true… however this one is totally different.

Hootsuite’s AI expertise analyzes each your caption and the photographs you’ve uploaded to recommend essentially the most related tags. These are going to be a unique-to-you mixture of tags, and one which you should utilize proper in Hootsuite Composer.

Learn more about our cool new robot writer friend here!

9 suggestions for the right way to use hashtags on Instagram

Use the correct amount of hashtags

Restrict your hashtags to 3 to 5 on Instagram. Sure, you technically can embrace as much as 30, however we’ve found that fewer is de facto going to get you higher engagement and attain.

new post example with too many hashtags

Examine your analytics

Take the time to overview which hashtags are working greatest for you. Hootsuite Insights provides useful analytics in a ravishing package deal to assist social media managers perceive what tags are profitable and which of them are flops.

Incorporate your hashtags on the finish

Pop your hashtags on the finish of your caption (and even put up them in a remark!) as an alternative of incorporating them into the textual content. Utilizing hashtags in the course of your captions or feedback would possibly make your content material much less accessible to individuals utilizing text-to-speech readers.

Learn more about accessibility for social media here.

Choose the greatest hashtags, not the preferred ones

Select hashtags that may entice high quality followers, not simply a big amount of followers. Simply because a hashtag like #followme has hundreds of thousands of posts doesn’t imply that it’s going to tug within the type of audience you really need — you would possibly discover your follower depend leap with bots and spammers, which may very well be a turn-off for actual potential prospects.

hashtag follow me search results on instagram

Search for hashtags that precisely signify what you’re all about, whether or not that’s a literal description of your product or providers (#bookstore), or a shout-out to a group that you just’re a part of (#bookloversofinstagram). Ideally, goal for a mixture of broad hashtags and area of interest ones that every one are related and significant to your model and viewers.

Don’t repeat your self

It is perhaps tempting to easily copy and paste the identical lengthy listing of hashtags on each put up, however don’t do it.

Instagram’s group tips clearly state that “posting repetitive feedback or content material” will not be okay. If you happen to use the identical hashtags for each put up, your content material might be penalized by the Instagram algorithm.

Verify the hashtag’s which means

As a result of hashtags are generally made up of a number of phrases operating collectively (#hereisanexample), misunderstandings can generally occur. Proofread any new hashtags with a grimy thoughts to ensure you catch any unintentional swears.

If you happen to’re utilizing slang or an acronym, it’s clever to do a fast search to ensure you’re not unintentionally posting one thing offensive, too. Perhaps at your retailer, “B.D.E.” means “Huge Offers On a regular basis!” however the web may need one other thought all collectively.

Disguise your hashtags (if you’d like!)

If you happen to discover your hashtags are distracting out of your unbelievable caption, you may at all times tuck them away out of sight. You are able to do this by both inserting them a number of strains under the caption (which can hold them hidden except somebody clicks “see extra”) or pop them right into a separate remark.

sketch comedy nite post hidden hashtags in comment

Select various hashtags

As an alternative of selecting 5 hashtags which can be variations on a theme (#canines, #puppies, #doggos, #goodboys, #furryfriends), attempt to hit totally different varieties of search phrases with every of your tags.

For example, perhaps one hashtag is said to your location (#boston) whereas one other makes an attempt to attach with group (#dogmoms) and one other promotes your branded contest (#staceyssummerdogfashioncontest).

Don’t use banned hashtags

Some hashtags—like #nudity or #youngmodel—get used inappropriately so ceaselessly by customers that Instagram principally hides them away.

nudity banned hashtag instagram search results

(Rumor has it that utilizing banned hashtags would possibly even get you shadowbanned however… well, the jury is still out on that.)

A few of these tags are blacklisted quickly, others completely, nevertheless it’s exhausting to foretell precisely what might be ruined subsequent (we’ve seen web sites declare that #skateboarding is banned! Why! What did you guys do?!) so it’s a good suggestion to double-check that your fave hashtags are working earlier than you go forward and schedule that put up.

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