Ever really feel like crafting AI artwork prompts requires secrets and techniques and magic? How are all of those artistic professionals creating beautiful, mind-blowing visuals in instruments like Midjourney and DALL-E when your entire prompts fall flat?

The fact is that creating cool AI artwork prompts isn’t as sophisticated because it may appear. With the best data, you should use easy key phrases and formulation to generate high-quality AI art.

On this article, we’ll break down how you can write efficient AI artwork prompts from begin to end. We’ll additionally provide up examples and templates that you should use to jumpstart your individual AI artwork tasks.

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How do AI art generators work?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of AI art prompt tips, it’s important to understand how AI art generators work. First off, generative AI applications are robots, not humans. That might seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that these generators don’t understand the world like you do.

AI art generators don’t know what an owl looks like in the wild. They don’t know what a sunset looks like in a physical sense. They can only understand details about features, patterns, and relationships within the datasets they’ve been trained on.

Prompting for a “beautiful face” is not very helpful. It is more effective to prompt for specific features such as symmetry, big lips, and green eyes. Even if the bot doesn’t understand beauty, it can recognize the features you describe as beautiful and generate something relatively accurate.

To get the best results from your AI art generator prompt, you’ll need to give clear and detailed instructions. An effective AI art prompt should include specific descriptions, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, and artistic styles. This allows the neural networks used by the generator to create the best possible visuals.

How to write an AI art prompt

Now that you know how AI art generators work, it’s time to start crafting your prompts. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use when writing good AI art prompts.

1. Describe the content of your image

When writing an AI art prompt, you’ll want to be as descriptive as possible about the content of your image. Is it a drawing, sketch, or 3D rendering? Should it look like a photograph, or is something more illustrated?

Try starting your prompt like this:

  • A photograph of…
  • A 3D rendering of…
  • A sketch of…
  • An illustration of…

2. Describe the subject

All AI art prompts should include a description of the subject you want to create. This could be anything from a person, animal, or object to an abstract concept or emotion. Get as specific with your descriptions as possible so the AI generator knows what to look for in its datasets.

For example:

  • An illustration of an owl…
  • A photograph of a president…
  • A 3D rendering of a chair…

Here’s a Midjourney AI art prompt for: “An illustration of an owl.”

four illustrations of brown horned owls in a grid

3. Add related particulars

Subsequent, add element to your immediate by together with related details about the weather of your picture. This might embrace something from colours, coloration palettes, shapes, sizes, and textures.

If you wish to generate a picture of a bear, don’t simply say “bear.” Clarify what sort of bear it’s (brown and black, grizzly or polar), its environment (a forest or mountain vary), and another attention-grabbing particulars.

For instance:

  • An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes…
  • {A photograph} of a president carrying a navy go well with…
  • A 3D rendering of a chair that’s spherical and yellow…

Right here’s an AI artwork immediate instance from Midjourney for: “An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes.”

four images of red owls in illustrative and photorealistic styles

4. Describe the shape and magnificence

You’ll additionally wish to present particulars in regards to the type and magnificence of your AI artwork. That is particularly vital in case you’re searching for a selected visible impact. For instance, you would possibly embrace key phrases reminiscent of “summary,” “minimalist,” or “surreal” to convey a sure creative really feel.

Do this:

  • An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes within the type of summary expressionism…
  • {A photograph} of a president carrying a navy go well with with a minimalist look…
  • A 3D rendering of a chair that’s spherical and yellow within the type of cubism…

You too can use a selected artist’s title right here to imitate their type. For example, say, “Like Salvador Dali.” Or, point out an artist’s particular paintings, like “Like Andy Warhol’s Shot Marilyns portray.”

Right here is the Midjourney outcome for “An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes within the type of summary expressionism.”

four red owls in a grid in the style of abstract expressionism

5. Outline the composition

Lastly, you should use key phrases to outline the composition of your picture. This consists of issues like decision, lighting type, facet ratio, and digital camera view.

For instance:

  • An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes within the type of summary expressionism with volumetric lighting.
  • {A photograph} of a president carrying a navy go well with with a minimalist look taken from an aerial viewpoint.
  • A 3D rendering of a chair that’s spherical and yellow within the type of cubism with a decision of 4096 x 2160.

Right here is the Midjourney outcome for: “An illustration of a pink owl with vibrant blue eyes within the type of summary expressionism with volumetric lighting.”

four red owls in a grid with various expressions

With these examples, you may see how every picture modifications because the immediate evolves.

Extra AI artwork immediate tricks to contemplate

Listed here are a couple of further suggestions to bear in mind when producing AI artwork from prompts.

50 AI artwork immediate examples to strive

Want AI artwork immediate concepts? Listed here are a few of the greatest prompts for AI artwork generator instruments you should use right this moment.

  1. A 3D rendering of a tree with vibrant yellow leaves and an summary type.
  2. An illustration of a mountain within the type of Impressionism with a large facet ratio.
  3. {A photograph} of a steampunk alien taken from a low-angle viewpoint.
  4. A sketch of a raccoon in vibrant colours and minimalist composition.
  5. A 3D rendering of a spaceship within the type of cubism with excessive decision.
  6. An previous girl washing her garments within the winter within the type of Renaissance artwork with a slender facet ratio.
  7. A 3D rendering of a star with pastel colours and a whimsical look.
  8. An image of a butterfly driving a bike in vaporware type with a wide-angle view.
  9. {A photograph} of three mates taking part in music on the road within the type of Pop Artwork with a medium facet ratio.
  10. A bunch of pug canines at a rave in a Renaissance type.
  11. A sketch of a mysterious citadel within the type of Gothic artwork with an aerial viewpoint.
  12. A 3D rendering of an workplace desk with a futuristic look and bokeh.
  13. Cubist portray of a backlit prepare station with vibrant colours and life like textures.
  14. An illustration of a lady laying on a mattress in a dynamic pose dreaming in black-and-white.
  15. Impressionist oil portray of a seashore at sundown with a slender facet ratio.
  16. {A photograph} of a metropolis skyline within the type of Edward Hopper taken from an aerial viewpoint.
  17. A 3D rendering of a cat sitting on a windowsill in minimalist type with excessive decision.
  18. Graffiti-style portray of a metropolis road with an city look and textured surfaces.
  19. A sketch of a pirate ship in black-and-white with life like textures and low decision.
  20. A chalk drawing of a household picnic being attacked by ants in Central Park with a surrealist type.
  21. A watercolor portray of a espresso store with surreal parts in vibrant colours.
  22. An oil portray of a rainbow over a rural deserted city with basic type.
  23. A 3D rendering of a spaceship taking off into house with a cyberpunk look and large facet ratio.
  24. A futuristic house station is proven in jewel tones, extremely photoreal, and cinematic lighting.
  25. A artistic composition of a frog carrying a crown sitting on a log in a Japanese anime type.
  26. Outdoors of a Sixties diner in monochromatic colours and classic really feel.
  27. A retro-style robotic taking part in a futuristic online game in neon tones with medium decision.
  28. A picture of a darkish and mysterious citadel with bats flying round it in an American Gothic type.
  29. An animated GIF of a robotic dancing to 80s music with a cartoon look.
  30. An illustration of a household photograph taken on the seashore within the type of Ansel Adams.
  31. An summary portray of a sunflower in the midst of a desert with vibrant colours and low decision.
  32. A beachfront bar at a vacation resort at nighttime with purple and pink tones in a pop artwork type.
  33. A 3D rendering of a backyard blooming with flowers underneath the moonlight in a low-angle view.
  34. A fantasy portray of a citadel sitting on prime of a craggy peak with a cinematic tone.
  35. A candid {photograph} of a lady standing on the fringe of a cliff overlooking the ocean in an artwork nouveau type.
  36. A 3D rendering of a cityscape at evening with neon lights and an summary type.
  37. An illustration of a spaceship flying by means of the celebs within the type of Van Gogh with a full depth of discipline.
  38. A sketch of two cats sitting on a settee watching TV whereas consuming spaghetti.
  39. Two monsters taking part in chess within the type of cubism with vibrant colours and low decision.
  40. An image of an individual strolling alone by means of a forest within the type of Romanticism taken from an aerial viewpoint.
  41. A low-detail oil portray of a thunderstorm over a cityscape with darkish tones and a backlit decision.
  42. A 3D rendering of a futuristic prepare station within the type of Artwork Nouveau with volumetric lighting.
  43. An illustration of a river winding by means of a meadow within the type of Impressionism with a thick black define.
  44. {A photograph} of an individual sitting on a bench dealing with the sundown in black and white.
  45. A minimalist portray of a metropolis skyline in vibrant colours and excessive decision.
  46. A sketch of two robots speaking to one another with a surreal look and slender facet ratio.
  47. A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and 4K decision.
  48. A rococo portray of a backyard with summary parts and excessive decision.
  49. {A photograph} of an previous man strolling within the rain making eye contact with the viewer in a mid-shot view.
  50. A watercolor portray of a flock of birds flying over a river at sundown with life like textures.

AI artwork software comparisons

Discovering the best AI artwork generator in your venture will be tough. To assist your course of, let’s examine Midjourney, DALL-E, and Bing Picture Creator. This can make it easier to determine which is greatest suited to your wants.


midjourney logo with swirling words behind it

Midjourney is an AI software that creates footage from phrases. Customers can change the picture dimension, form, view, and extra. Midjourney is understood for its photo-realism photographs, in addition to hyperrealistic photographs.

Midjourney additionally operates in a Discord chatroom. You possibly can see how others create AI artwork prompts and get impressed by their work.

various midjourney prompts and outputs shown in discord chatroom

Take into accout your first 25 photographs on Midjourney are free. However after that, primary plans begin at $10 monthly.

Some suggestions for utilizing Midjourney:

  • Phrases firstly of the immediate maintain extra weight than phrases on the finish.
  • Midjourney significantly likes artist references, so be at liberty to incorporate them in your immediate.
  • Among the only Midjourney key phrases embrace: Style images, Pulitzer Prize-winning images, Bokeh, Volumetric Lighting, Golden Hour, Tender pure lighting, and Movie achieve. Find more here.

Right here’s a Midjourney instance for: “A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and volumetric lighting.”

midjourney ai art results for A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and volumetric lighting


dall-e image generator home page showing various art results

DALL-E is a superb AI artwork generator skilled on the idea of “creativeness.” It creates surreal dreamscapes and may interpret artistic ideas in addition to summary concepts. The pictures DALL-E produces typically have a novel, otherworldly really feel to them.

Not like Midjourney, DALL-E focuses extra on artistic prompts and fewer on photorealistic photographs. It additionally follows phrase prompts intently and has an intuitive interface, giving new customers a comparatively low studying curve. DALL-E offers you 50 free credit upfront after which 15 extra every month you employ the service. However, those who use the software past their free immediate restrict might want to pay $15 for each further 115 prompts.

Some suggestions for utilizing DALL-E:

  • DALL-E works greatest with specified artwork kinds. Strive kinds like digital artwork, steampunk artwork, cyberpunk artwork, or vapourware artwork.
  • As a trustworthy immediate follower, DALL-E enjoys descriptive prompts. Add adjectives like darkish, mild, epic, unhappy, or completely satisfied to enhance your outcomes.
  • DALL-E typically leaves the background white in case you don’t specify a coloration. So as to add a backdrop, embrace key phrases like “in Paris” or “within the woods at evening” to your immediate.

We used the identical AI artwork immediate from our Midjourney check, ​​”A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and volumetric lighting,” in DALL-E.

Right here’s what we obtained:

dall-e ai art result showing dadaist, abstract space scene with white drawing laid over top

Completely different, proper?

Bing Picture Creator

bing image creator home page showing prompt box and copy encouraging users to create images from words with ai

Whereas Midjourney focuses on photorealism, and DALL-E emphasizes artistic ideas, the Bing Picture Creator makes a speciality of vibrance and element.

Bing Picture Creator struggles a bit with facial options, wonderful element, and consistency of fashion. However it’s free to make use of, so that you don’t should really feel unhealthy in case you don’t like your outcomes.

Some suggestions for utilizing Bing Picture Creator:

  • Bing Image Creator recommends formatting your prompts like this: Adjective + Noun + Verb + Model.
  • Including artistic particulars like places, creative kinds, and digital camera views may help enhance your picture high quality.
  • Get artistic and have enjoyable!

Right here’s the outcome for “A Dadaist collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon tones and volumetric lighting” from Bing Picture Creator.

spacey, neon scene from bing image creator, showing a northern-light looking scene of a futuristic city

FAQs about AI artwork prompts

Is there a free AI artwork generator?

There are a lot of free AI artwork mills, reminiscent of Nightcafe, Starry AI, Bing Picture Creator, and Craiyon. Instruments like Midjourney and DALL-E additionally provide free credit for accessing their companies.

What is an efficient immediate for AI artwork?

The most effective AI artwork prompts range relying on the software and the specified end result. Typically, it’s greatest to make use of a mixture of descriptive adjectives and particular nouns when writing your immediate. You too can use different synthetic intelligence tools like ChatGPT to generate prompts.

How can I create my very own AI artwork?

To create your individual AI artwork, use an AI artwork generator like Midjourney, DALL-E, or Bing Picture Creator. Then, use the software’s interface to craft your prompts and generate photographs.

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